Thursday, April 28th, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Greetings on this early Thursday morning.

We have just received a call from the Chaoyang Education Bureau that “all classes” will go online immediately, with the exception of the grade 12 students who start their IB DP exams today.

Homeroom and/or advisory and subject teachers, as grade level appropriate, will send out details on how to access all classes. If your child requires school related items to continue their learning, please contact the homeroom and/or advisory teacher to make arrangements to pick up the same. Pick-up can be arranged between 4pm to 5pm today.

As more information unfolds and we receive updates from the local authorities we will update you accordingly.

Thanks for continuing to do all you can to remain healthy and safe each day.

Your continuing cooperation, support and understanding is much appreciated. Let us hope that the actions taken by the local authorities allow us to return to on campus classes in the very near future.

Best regards,

Douglas K. Prescott

Head of School—CISB Beijing
Head of School—CISS Shenyang 
AKD Academic Superintendent

Canadian International School of Beijing 
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2022年4月28日 周四2022年4月28日 周四
刚接朝阳区教委通知:除今天开始参加IB DP考试的12年级学生之外,所有学生将即日转为线上学习。
领取时间为今天(周四 2022年4月28日)16点-17点之间