October 27, 2021

Dear Guardians/Parents,

Greetings from CISB! Since the beginning of the new academic year, the school has been able to achieve continuing success in sustaining a COVID-19-free campus with your cooperation, support and understanding. The education and teaching work has been carried out smoothly; the communication between home and school has been active and effective, and the students have been growing healthily at school. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our parents/guardians for your ongoing support; it is much appreciated.

Autumn and winter are the seasons of high incidence of infectious diseases, and there have been COVID-19 outbreaks in Beijing and other cities, which resulted in growing pressure to our campus epidemic prevention and control. What causes everyone concern is that a small number of people did not abide by the regulations and caused the spread of the COVID -19; those involved are being held legally responsible. Epidemic prevention and control are our common responsibility, which is related to the health and life safety of students and staff. We sincerely ask everyone in our CISB community to earnestly follow the regulations of epidemic prevention and control, and work together with us to complete the following five aspects:

Live a simple life. You and your family members are advised not to go outside Beijing unless necessary. Do not go to medium-high risk areas or prefecture-level areas where cases are reported. Do not meet people from medium-high risk areas, reduce gatherings and outside dining, do not take children to “crowd gathering” places, and try to keep “family and work” two points in one line. Pay attention to food safety, and keep raw and cooked food separately.

Cooperate with the travel history survey and take the initiative to report. The school is carrying out travel history survey from overseas and key areas in China. Please pay close attention and cooperate with the school to complete the survey. If there are any problems, please inform the school immediately and report to the community center.

Do not come to school if you have any suspicious symptoms or are feeling unwell. Please cooperate with the school to monitor your child’s health every day. If your child has fever, cough and other symptoms, he/she must take a rest at home in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. When the symptoms completely disappear, he/she can attend school with the doctor’s health certificate. Please have your child check his/her school site for learning missed. (Preschool/Elementary—Seesaw; Middle/High—Managebac)

Cooperate with the COVID -19 test screening. The school will carry out free COVID -19 tests for all teachers, students and staff in five groups. Professional institutions will come to school to carry out the tests. The school has adjusted the teaching process, which will not affect the class progress of students. Parents and schools should work together to educate and comfort children for the COVID -19 test.

Exercise and develop healthy habits. Please take time to accompany your children to exercise and improve their physical fitness. Be a role model in daily behaviors, for example, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ensure adequate sleep, and consistently model these good habits.

Children are the future and hope of every family. Their healthy growth is our common wish, and it is our common responsibility to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Let us work together to protect the health and safety of all students. If you and your child encounter difficulties, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve your difficulties.

Thank you again for your understanding and support! Together is Better!

NOTE: This notice is sent at the request of the Education Bureau and translated from the original notice received in Chinese.

CISB Leadership Team







2.配合排查,主动报备。学校正对出入境、国内重点地区离 返京等情况进行摸排,请您密切关注,配合学校做好排查工作。 如有情况,请及时告知学校,并向社区报备。

3.逢症必休,健康入校。请您配合学校对孩子进行每日健康 监控,如果孩子出现发热、咳嗽等症状需做到逢症必休,按防疫要求及时就医或居家休息,待症状完全消失,持医生康复证明入校上课。在此期间,学生可登陆学校网站查看居家期间课程。 (幼儿园/小学—Seesaw;初高中—Managebac)

4.核酸检测,配合筛查。学校将对全体师生员工分 5 批次开展免费核酸检测,采用机构入校采样的方式,学校已对教育教学进行了调整,不会影响孩子上课进度。请各位家长和学校共同教育和安抚好孩子,完成核酸检测工作。

5.加强锻炼,培养习惯。请您抽出时间,陪孩子锻炼身体, 提高孩子身体素质。做到榜样示范,戴口罩、勤洗手、保障充足睡眠,培养良好的习惯。