Saturday, November 6th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope that this message finds you healthy and well as we approach the upcoming weekend. As you have probably heard, we are taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff to protect and support the entire CISB community.

As a school community, we have had great success during the course of this ongoing pandemic with staying safe. We thank you for your ongoing cooperation, support, and understanding as winter and colder temperatures have begun to set in. We must all remain steadfast with our daily safeguarding practices.

Each day we take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the local authorities’ directives. We have made a decision to enhance and reinforce our health and safety practices. We are asking for your support to help keep all children safe while at school.

  • Please provide your child(ren) with a personal water bottle to bring to school. We will be closing drinking fountains as of Monday, November 8th but will be leaving water stations open to fill water bottles. Single-use paper cups will be provided to students who forget their water bottles.
  • A reminder to ensure that your child(ren) arrives at school each day with a mask on. Additionally, please provide your child(ren) with spare masks so that they can change throughout the day. We recommend that following their lunch time, that all children change their masks.
  • Please speak with your child(ren) about the importance of wearing their masks at all times, unless instructed by an adult while at school.
  • Please ensure that you check your child’s temperature prior to them departing for school. If your child is not feeling well, please do not send your child to school.

We will continue to communicate new information as it becomes available, however, in the meantime, these steps will help to raise the level of safety and security for our students and faculty.

We wish everyone an enjoyable and safe weekend.

Best regards,

CISB Leadership Team

星期六  2021年11月6日  



也许您已知晓,为了保障全体CISB学生及教职员工的健康安全,我们已积极采取相关措施 。



  • 请您为孩子佩带个人水壶到校。我们将从11月8日星期一开始关闭直饮水系统,但接水水站保持开放,方便孩子装满水杯。如果学生忘记带水壶,学校将提供一次性水杯。
  • 提醒您的孩子每日佩带口罩上学。同时,为孩子准备备用口罩以便日间更换。我们建议所有孩子在午餐时间后更换口罩。
  • 请告知孩子随时佩戴口罩的重要性,除非在校有成人指导。
  • 请确保在孩子出发上学前检查体温。如果您感觉孩子不舒服,请不要送孩子上学。



CISB Leadership Team