Singing enthusiasts from Grades 3-5 have come together to sing some of our old-time holiday favorites arranged specifically for children their age.

Being part of the CISB Elementary Choir has given students an opportunity to develop cooperative learning skills and nurture friendships based on shared musical experiences. Collectively, through performing, we aim to celebrate the gift of music and put knowledge of music theory into practice.

This holiday season, we are proud to share with you the video performance of the CISB Elementary Choir 2021. The students did such an amazing job!

Click on the link below to see the full performance. To experience the best audio and video quality, please download the video first before viewing it. We hope you enjoy it.

From the CISB Elementary Choir Family, we wish you all a Happy, Musical Holiday!

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See you all in January 2022!

Best regards,
Ms. Ayesha Castro
Ms. Ameliza Pepito
Ms. May Bernardo