Name: Anna Zhao
University: University of California—San Diego

Describe one opportunity that CISB has given you. Why is it special to you?

One opportunity that CISB has given me is the opportunity express myself creatively. Ever since I was young, I have always been a dancer so that was always my primary form of expressing myself creatively. Yet at CISB, I was able to further develop my creativity and this will stay with me throughout my life. Firstly, by joining our theatre club, Stagecats, I was able to express myself through not just simply acting, but also by directing others, by choreographing, by singing, by songwriting, and by collaborating with others during the creative process. Secondly, outside of official after school activities, CISB also has many concerts throughout the school year, giving me many opportunities to perform and share my passion with others.

There are many communities within CISB; which ones were your favourite, and what did they bring to your time at CISB?

My favourite community at CISB was undoubtedly Stagecats. This community accompanied me throughout my whole middle and high school experience and is not just simply a community but more like a family. It allowed me to not just express myself, but also to interact with others whom share the same passion as I do and also form lifelong relationships. It was the community where I always knew I would be supported and loved no matter what.

Which teacher impacted you the most? Why/How?

Non-academically, the directors of Stagecats have definitely impacted me the most. Not only were they amazing teachers when I had them in class, but most importantly they taught me how to have confidence in what I do and how to keep myself sane from my busy schedule. Whenever I needed something they were always there for me and they are truly the ones that taught me about responsibility and passion.

Academically, the teacher that has impacted me the most is Ms. Graham. I had her for my DP English Literature class and she is so passionate about what she teaches that I always felt genuinely engaged in every single one of her classes. She truly wants her students to do the best that they can and I would not have succeeded in DP without her. Ms. Graham was also my EE coordinator and all of the feedback that was given and all of the meetings we had were at maximum productivity.