Individual and Societies

Learning about real-life issues through simulations is essential as it allows students to take learning from the classroom and try to experience what it is like from another perspective. For example, here, students are simulating what it is like to be a refugee family struggling to stay together during desperate times.


课堂模拟是必不可少的教学环节,学生从课堂模拟的过程中, 学习现实生活中的问题的同时,也可以尝试从另一个角度体验现实中的问题。例如,图片里,学生们正在模拟一个难民家庭在陷入绝望的时候, 如何努力维持全家守在一起的情形。


Students are learning about ecosystems. Here they are researching a species in the ecosystem and the various relationships. They are creating an Energy Pyramid with four trophic levels. Students then share in a rally round-robin to listen and learn from each other. There is a debrief at the end of class, which is important as it consolidates learning and helps to check for misunderstandings.


此时,学生们正在学习生态系统,在课程中研究某个物种及多样关系。在研究过程中学生正在创建一个由四个营养级组成的能量金字塔。接下来学生们相互分享, 在分享的过程中通过倾听,学习的循环方式相互交换意见。课程尾声的总结汇报,进一步归拢知识及核查误解的知识点。


In Drama, students are learning about subtext. Using identical dialogue, the students perform two scenes changing the relationship each time. Using gestures and body language, they know that saying something can be interpreted differently according to the relationship.




In Design, creation is particularly important. There are four stages: Inquiring and Analyzing; Developing Ideas; Creating a Solution; and Evaluating. Students can go back and forth in the cycle to think about innovative ideas or change their plans when they discover updated information. For example, here, students are painting boxes to use in stop motion animation and cutting wood using tools to build boxes that will be used in organization.


在设计中,创造尤为重要。其过程分为四个阶段: 探究与分析;构思与想法;创造与解决;评估。学生可以在循环过程中思考创新的想法,或者在发现最新信息时完善计划。例如图中所示,学生们正在绘制定格动画中使用的盒子,以及使用工具切割木头来建造组织中使用的盒子。

Physical and Health Education

There are eight subjects in the MYP (Middle Years Programme), which provides a balanced and holistic program for our students. In PHE, health, fitness, movement, and well-being are especially important as it allows students to develop effective collaboration and communication skills, which builds positive interpersonal relationships.


MYP教学内容中有八个科目,为学生提供了一个平衡和全面的项目。在 PHE,健康、健身、运动和运动获益尤其重要,因为它能让学生发展有效的协作和沟通技巧,从而建立积极的人际关系。