Incorporating both Individuals and Societies (I&S) unit and Service as Action objectives, CISB’s Sixth Annual I&S Learning Expo saw students from grades 6-10 investigate a topic, research question or global issue related to their program study.  Students gathered sources, researched and devised and carried out a plan to convey their investigation’s results to others.  For some grades, students created and presented awareness exhibits, while in other grades, students created 3-D models of realistic scenes of ancient communities with annotations backed by oral commentary.

Each grade in I&S had a unique and curriculum-focused goal explored in the context of MYP objectives, emphasizing practicing and enhancing their investigating skills.

  • Grade 6 – Anti-Prejudice
  • Grade 7 – Human Interaction with the Environment
  • Grade 8 – UNDP Sustainable Development Goals
  • Grade 9 – 3-D Models of Civilizations
  • Grade 10 – Revolutions

During selected times throughout the period from Nov 25th to Nov 30th, grades 6 -10 students presented to their peers and CISB faculty.  They did a fantastic job discussing their process and results and engaging and interacting with their audience using visuals and discussion.

I&S teachers and students would like to thank parents, support staff, faculty and administration for their support and contributions to the success of this project.

By Adam Harold, 2021