This week we dived into the MYP to discover what Grade 8 in action looks like. 

One of the great aspects about CISB is the facilities. Students have access to an on-site swimming pool where they can improve their swim strokes, breathing techniques, endurance and learn about water safety. All these skills help support students who are well balanced, as we consider the holistic benefits of the MYP. 

At CISB, it is essential for students to receive one-to-one feedback from their teachers to guide them on their learning journey. This is called conferencing, and it allows students and teachers to ask questions and clarify ideas. Here, both Mr. Errico (Grade 8 Science) and Mr. Mullin (Grade 8 Language and Literature) provide guidance on writing a scientific lab report and on a comparative literature essay. As a result, teachers can individualize their feedback and students can improve their work and meet the MYP criteria. 

In Grade 8 Mathematics, it is essential to work individually and to learn cooperatively. Having an elbow partner is significant as it allows students to construct meaning together. In this way, students are working together to enhance each other cooperatively rather than competitively. This is an important 21st-century skill that future employers are looking for: social skills and the ability to communicate and work collaboratively. In the MYP, this is embedded in our curriculum through the Approaches to Learning Skills(ATLs). 

We are fortunate to have versatile teachers across the MYP who can teach multiple subjects. This helps to bring the MYP alive and into action. For example, Mr. Harrold teaches both Design and Individuals and Societies. Teaching a variety of students across the curriculum and the grade levels helps students see connections between the subjects they are engaged with. 

In Grade 8, music students have a dedicated music room with many instruments. Under the guidance of our music teacher Ms. Christine Wu, students pictured are learning the basics of playing the ukulele. In addition, students in the MYP are engaged with music, drama, and visual arts as part of our Integrated Arts curriculum. This approach allows students to experience a balanced curriculum that fosters both critical and creative thinking. 

Individuals and Societies (I&S) focuses on investigations in order for students to formulate a research question, follow an action plan, collect and record information and evaluate the process. For this year’s I&S Expo, students focused on Sustainable Development Goals from a chosen country. The students were impressed with the depth of conceptual knowledge they attained and with their ability to communicate articulately and accurately their findings to an authentic audience. Congratulations!