What does PHE at CISB look like in December?

The Physical and Health Education program at the Canadian International School of Beijing has the gym and pool abuzz with activity. Throughout the MYP Middle and High school years, students keep active daily. In December our units include plenty of volleyball and swimming in their classes.

Grade 6 and 7 students are working on various aspects of basic stroke development in the swimming pool. Grade 6 students are introduced to freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke with the PE staff and outside coaches from Dragonfire, who help teach them the basics. Grade 7 then continues to refine their strokes in the following year. Meanwhile, another part of the cohort in the gym is learning skill development in volleyball; serving, volleying and forearm passing. Small game activities include 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, progressing to 4 on 4. This allows for maximal skill development and inclusion of participation in team situations.

In grade 8, students put their swimming strokes to use as they learn how to rescue someone in distress in the pool through water safety. Their culminating activity and assessment included stride jumps (keeping their head above water when jumping into the pool), freestyle swims with their head up out of the water, proper technique in securing the victim and sidestroke rescue with a final extraction of the evacuee from the pool.

“It was amazing to see how well the students learned these rather challenging techniques and persevered through their personal difficulties throughout the unit. We are very proud of the grade 8 students and how hard they worked in the pool to meet this challenge successfully”. Mr. Jeff Zownir, PHE Department Head.

Athletic Director and grade 9 PHE teacher Mr. Joe Rodden has really enjoyed watching the students develop in the Water Polo unit.

“The grade nine students have shown high energy and enthusiasm in the pool throughout the water polo unit.  They learned the basics of the game quickly, which allowed us to progress to competitive games that are a great mixture of fun and intensity.  I am extremely pleased with the effort of the entire cohort, and both the students and I are sad to see the unit coming to an end.”

Grade 10 students are currently developing their plan in the MYP program with their artistic swimming/basketball dance unit. Students will work in groups to choreograph and perform a movement composition using fundamental swimming/basketball skills. They have an opportunity to choose which environment they prefer to showcase their talents. The routine will be structured into logical form with rhythmic, dynamic and spatial interest. Students need to apply movement principles, including complex moves and transitions in either medium.

We look forward to seeing the grade 10 students’ final product and performance!