2021-2022 CISB 执行家长委员会成员官宣

Front row:(left to right): Phoebe Zhan (Middle school representative), Wu wei Wei (Chairperson) Mr. Douglas K. Prescott (Head of School/AKD Superintendent) Clara Liao (Vice-chairperson), Elaine Huang (Treasurer), Micky Platt (High school representative).

Back row: (left to right) Catherine Yan (Preschool representative), Pauline Shi (Elementary representative), Hongying Ma (Secretary), Emily Chen (Parent-at-large representative).

前排: (由左至右) : Phoebe Zhan (中学代表)、Wu wei Wei (主席) Mr. Douglas K. Prescot (学校校长/AKD监理) Clara Liao (副主席)、Elaine Huang (财务)、Micky Platt (高中代表)。后排: (由左至右) Catherine Yan (幼儿园代表)、Pauline Shi (初级代表)、Hongying Ma (秘书)、Emily Chen (家长总代)。

Mr. Prescott is pleased to announce the results of the recent election held to select the CISB Executive Parent Committee for the 2021-2022 school year. Mr. Prescott stated that “these parents who have offered to serve our school community are extremely dedicated to the objectives of the parent committee and believe in our school motto, that “Together is Better”.

Mr. Prescott非常愉快的地宣布了近期举行的2021-2022学年度 CISB 家长委员会执行代表成员, Mr. Prescott还提出:“这些家长都是熟知家委会目标,坚信我校:”Together is Better”的座右铭,积极热诚地为校园社区服务的家长。”

The CISB Executive Parent Committee has the following objectives: to provide support to the school and staff by organizing, managing, and contributing to ongoing or yearly events and activities; to build and promote a sense of community throughout the school and to bring into closer relationship the home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the education of children.

家长委员会的执行目标如下: 组织、管理和协助正在进行或年度举行的事件与活动,向校方和教职员工提供支持; 建立和促进学校社区意识,为家庭和学校建立更密切的关系,便于家长和教师在儿童教育方面进行合作。

Additionally, the Mission, Beliefs and Values of the CISB Parent Association are as follows: Mission—exists to make a difference by connecting, supporting and enriching the CISB community in a spirit of shared enthusiasm and positive action; Beliefs—a positive belief in people, while showing respect and using the power of teamwork to be a strong connection and support within the CISB community; Values—to be inclusive, respectful and caring towards all who are part of our CISB community.

同时,CISB 家长委员会的使命、信仰和价值观如下:

使命——秉持高度热情和积极行动的精神,联结、支持和丰富 CISB 社区,实时实事更新;

信念——用积极信念带动,尊重的态度对待,利用团队的合作力量在 CISB 社区内建立强大的联结与支持;

价值观——包容、尊重和关爱所有 CISB 社区成员。

The CISB Executive Parent Committee has already met and has mapped out a tentative plan of activities for the year. NOTE—subject to change dependent on conditions/restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

CISB 执行家长委员会已经召开会议,并制定了今年的暂定活动计划。


It is hoped that all our parents/guardians will consider how they can support and/or be involved with the planned activities. Other activities that are being planned include a Mommy Choir, Christmas cooking class, parent tea and more.

December –Cupcake Competition

January –Teacher Appreciation

March –Pink Party

April –Food Fair

June –Children’s Day







Thanks for joining all of us at CISB as we both welcome and extend sincere thanks to our CISB Executive Parent Committee members!

感谢加入 CISB大家庭,热烈欢迎和衷心的感谢CISB 执行家长委员会成员!

Together is Better!