CISB launched an art lecture series, which is the prelude to the beginning of our school’s public welfare cultural project! The purpose of this series is to enrich the cultural life of our CISB students, sort out the historical and cultural context, enhance the appreciation of culture and art, and play a role in popularization and enlightenment.

It provides a good platform for close contact with the latest information of current art from the experience of studying abroad and in-service artists, which further enhances students’ interest in art design, and provides advanced DP art students with further prospects and development in their future studies and careers.

Guest speaker-  Yixuan Liu

Yixuan Liu-a young artist who is currently living in Beijing.  her art works are inspired by true events that she experienced in her lifetime, from childhood memories to the most recent days.  She likes to work with different mediums of art, mostly oil-pastel, copperplate and silk-screen prints.

Currently she studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts University, and it’s been a great opportunity for her to exploring more possibilities.

She says :

Visiting CISB as an art guest speaker was an inspiring experience, both for me and the DP- art students.  Speaking to them has reminded me of how much passion and curiosity teenagers have for art making.

They were confident about asking questions and I was more than happy to share my experience with them, from the very beginning of my career as an artist to this very day.

I showed them my art book called “THE FIRST ALBUM”, which had a number of my works, including drawings, paintings, printmaking, sculpture works, photography and writings.  We also talked about applying to art school, because there were a few students who showed interest. Then I went around the classroom to take a look at their art works, and gave them my advices if they needed any, listened to their thoughts and exchanged our ideas. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn from the younger generation, hear their thoughts and voices, and be reminded of the very precious power of ignorance, because sometime, art needs that kind of courage.

Guest speaker- Yixuan Liu