In Grade 4, students are learning about how people organize to provide services under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves.” As caring and reflective thinkers, students have been discussing ways to provide services within their local community. Just in time for the Winter Holidays, Grade 4 students are donating gently used books to JingKids and Power Baseball Angels. They are working together to provide educational resources to kids in need. Students are excited about taking action and helping those in need within the Beijing community.

While the CISB community gives all year round, during the holidays is a great time to reflect on our fortunate circumstances and think about how we can provide service to others within our community. We think of those who will be separated from loved ones during the holidays or families that may be struggling. Generosity toward others is incredibly important at this time of year. We are so proud of our students and their understanding that these holidays are not just about giving material things. Thank you, Mr. Murphy and the Grade 4 Team! We are delighted to see Grade 4 truly celebrating the holiday spirit and sharing the blessings we have been given.

Remember, this holiday season, “Together is Better.”