We are so proud of the students and the work they produced for the Learning Expo! We asked some of our students and teachers to reflect on their experiences.

Matthew Friedlander, an I&S Teacher, said, “The students produced remarkable work that reflects ownership of a culture of high expectations.  Moreover, the projects reflect elite critical and creative thinking and the integration and articulation of high-level concepts.  As a result of their expansive thinking, diligence, and terrific attitudes, students challenged themselves and raised the bar for MYP work.  At the same time, faculty and staff showed their consistent student-first approach in attending the expos and interacting meaningfully with the students.  The expos were testament to the positive program culture of CISB’s MYP.”

We asked our students to reflect on their experiences. Here is what they had to say;

Pippi Yang (8A): On the day of the expo, the atmosphere was very intense.  There was a lot of stress over the presentation.  I did not want to let my partner down since it was a team project.  It felt great that so much hard work paid off, and it was fun to accept new challenges.

Sabrina Guo (8C): The I&S expo was undoubtedly a remarkable experience for all of us.  During the entire process of researching, designing, creating and presenting, we made mistakes, overcame obstacles, and learned from the mistakes, resulting in a better self.  The expo also provides an opportunity for us to learn about global issues and goals, helping us to become better global citizens.

Solana Chen (9B): I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. The I&S Expo was a challenging but exciting event that needed students to apply multiple ATL skills such as collaboration, research, and thinking skills. They brought a part of an ancient civilization to life in a 3D model exemplifying the civilization with maximum accuracy and as much detail as possible. For example, within my group, my teammates and I were given the opportunity to fulfill different roles, including a change of facilitator, which impacted how all group work throughout this experience functioned. The expo also targeted much of our research skills and understanding of OPVL to determine which source was appropriate to use as evidence and which photos displayed the correct details of civilization. The enjoyment truly began after the research, when we constructed our model. My group was fortunate as all of us love art and craft. Thus, the craftwork was considerably pleasant for my group, as we never thought of it as an assessment, but more like an innovative project.

On the other hand, the writing was demanding. Students in the writer’s role were responsible for summarizing all the researched information from their peers (for some groups, this meant summarizing information from at least ten sources). They then constructed it to fit in two-three concise, logical paragraphs that explained the environment and five hallmarks of civilization along with the dominance of the chosen civilization. Two weeks later, in all excitement and stress, the day of the expo arrived. Visiting students, staff, and teachers were everywhere, examining the models carefully. Almost all of them were surprised and astonished by the impression of at least one model that struck their attention. As we presented and introduced our models to members of the CISB family, I believe we were all somewhat proud and anticipated to show off our work, as the winning groups would also get a pizza party. Overall, this was a memorable and astonishing experience that I think all students involved in the expo would treasure.

Sophia Cui (6C): The expo was interesting and challenging.  I learnt how to improve my time management and writing skills.  I was nervous because it was crowded, and I was constantly surrounded by an audience.  However, the expo helped me overcome and work on my communication skills.

Rebecca Li (8C): This magnificent experience not only taught us how to grow as a learner but helped us learn to collaborate.  Overall, it was a really exciting and fun experience when it came to designing, discussing, and researching our trifold.  Our mistakes in this process also taught us how to grow as individuals.

Maggie Qiu (8C): The overall process of completing the IS expo was quite successful, although there were several obstacles.  Through the process of working on the IS expo, our group has developed our collaboration skills significantly.  Collaborating with my group mates has been an immensely successful and enjoyable experience simultaneously.  However, our group also faced obstacles reconciling our information against the trifold space provided.  This taught us the significance of effective organization prior to creating the trifold.

What an excellent experience for all involved!