The MYP strives to help students develop the capacity to become responsible for their learning and to make informed decisions. This week we dive into Grade 9 and some of the cornerstone subjects they are studying this year: Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Visual Arts and Science. The skills and knowledge learned in the MYP are often interdisciplinarities.

By Paul Steffan (MYP Coordinator). Click to see Mr. Steffan’s profile.

Language Acquisition: English

Students in English Language Acquisition prepare to have a conversation using the structure of a podcast. This facilitates the lesson by taking it from a one-to-one speaking assessment with Mr. Hambrook to a collaborative effort to be more authentic and meaningful.

Language and Literature: English

One of Language and Literature aims is “using language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, self-reflection, analysis, and social interaction.” Working closely with teachers, such as Ms. Jade Harrold, shown here, students reach that aim by having one-on-one sessions, which allows them to reflect on their work and receive guidance to expand their thinking.

Another aim is to “develop a lifelong interest in reading.” Students are exposed to literature from around the world, which helps them become more open-minded and caring as we become more aware of the similarities and differences among people across the globe.

Culture is not exclusive to Language and Literature or Individual and Societies. In Mathematics, students use a cultural motif of their choosing and incorporate it by designing a school. Using measurement, students create a model and then explain and justify their choices.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students are creating an Olympic drawing to represent both the ideals of the Olympic Games and the best of China. Through the guidance of Mr. Fei, students learn techniques such as brush strokes, shading, and perspective. Taking an important sporting and cultural event such as the Olympics, the students are engaged and will enter their finished products in a contest.


In Science, Grade 9 students become mentors to Grade 5 students who cross over and experience life in the Middle and High School. It helps the older students guide the younger ones by explaining the process and procedures needed to carry out a successful lab experiment. Pictured here are Mr. Bartlett’s Grade 5 class learning about plant and animal cells under the guidance of our Science teacher Mr. Howard. Exposure to life in the middle school will help in the transition Grade 5 students will make next year and demystify any myths the younger students may have.