Astro world: Exit Tourism

It is an art exhibition sponsored by CISB and supported by many famous artists, CISB alumni and student artists.

On the day of the event, Dr. Francis Pang, CISB Chairman, Mr. Douglas K. Prescott, Head of CISB, Mr. Douglas Lewis, CISB Art Teacher, Ms. Chen Chen, Director of Public Education Department of KUN Art Museum, Ambassador of Public welfare in China, Mr. Lin Jiawei, famous artist, Mr. Chen Fu, Executive Vice Chairman of Cheer for Olympics, Ms. Zhang Minxia, Deputy Secretary General of Cheer for Olympic, Rick Garson and other distinguished guests were invited to attend.

Dr. Francis Pang, CISB Chairman, delivered a speech for the event

CISB art teacher Douglas Lewis introduced the theme of the exhibition at the event

Mr. Lin Jiawei, a famous artist with Dr. Francis Pang and 费开文 CISB art teacher

The exhibition shows the works of many famous artists. Curator Mr. Douglas Lewis hopes to show the theme of “Astro world: Exit Tourism” through painting, sculpture, new media and other art forms.

As an educational institution, CISB hopes to encourage young people’s creativity and critical thinking ability through various forms of art education. In the form of art exhibition, CISB will encourage more young artists and promote them to continue their further study and make more active creation and exploration in art and culture.

Finally, I would like to thank “Cheer for Olympics” and “KUN Art Museum” for their strong support. As an art organization, KUN Art Museum has given great support to CISB’s exploration in the field of art education. In addition, we also know that the Olympic spirit of “fair competition, mutual understanding, friendship and unite” is embodied in all kinds of activities such as art and sports. The art exhibition will also kick off to the next “Cheer for Olympics”.


Looking forward to CISB’s next cultural and artistic cooperation!

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