CISB’s collaboration with Kun Gallery got off to a great start with the VIP Opening of Astro World/Exit Tourism on June 5th. Featuring special guests including CISB Chairman Dr. Francis Pang, cellist Namisa Sun, and the Meipu Band, guests were treated to a diverse array of artwork that spoke about the changes facing our world as it changes around us. As explained by curator and CISB Art Teacher Douglas Lewis, “Astro World/Exit Tourism poses a question: ‘What motivates desires for utopias? Does the commotion of city life motivate insatiable desires to escape from daily routines? Do myths, movies, sports and merchandise provide escape?’”

Astro World/Exit Tourism features work from CISB Grade 12 student artists Tiger Lin, Fiona Deng and Sabina Vesela; from CISB art teachers Kai Wen Fei, Jean Klimack, Dani Green and Douglas Lewis; from CISB Alumni Divina Yue, Brandon Yuan, Eileen Li, Anna Yang, Martyna Pekala and Rosemary Shen; and artists Martin Wehmer, Matt Hope, David Lane, Yuan Zhang, Li Gang, Lu Lu Li, Zhang Zhaohui, Niamh Cunningham, Lei Chak Man, Stephen Gleadow and Silvernuz. The exhibition is installed in fairly distinguishable parts, and together, reveals aesthetic and conceptual evolutions between styles, skills and mediums.

Astro World/Exit Tourism will be open to our CISB community and the greater public until June 26th, 2021.

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