Authors visit Grade 1 at CISB: Elementary Speakers Series

This week our Grade 1 students were delighted to welcome Eugenia Chu, an incredible author who wrote a series of books about her son Brandon and his adventures in China. Through a virtual meeting, CISB students were given the opportunity to listen to her books and learn about her experiences. Of course, our little inquirers were very curious to ask lots of questions about her books.

This event in our speaker’s series was set to complement Grade 1’s current unit of inquiry; “How We Express Ourselves.” They have been learning about authors and illustrators and how they use different forms of media to express themselves and their ideas. Meeting with Eugenia Chu was an exciting opportunity for students to talk to an actual author about what it is like to be an author and what inspired her to write these books about Brandon.

Like many of our students, who are the sons and daughters of ex-pats, Ms. Chu felt it was important for her son to have stories he could read to connect him to his heritage. Ms. Chu Said, “When Brandon was very little, I couldn’t find children’s storybooks to read to him which touched upon Chinese culture and which included some Chinese (Mandarin) words and phrases to teach and reinforce his Chinese vocabulary, so I started writing my own.” Multicultural books for kids and representation are essential. Particular in an International school setting representing over 55 nationalities.

When we are learning to express ourselves, our students look into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values. Culture is represented by symbols and celebrations that express diversity within our global community. That is why it is so, value to have an experience with an author like Ms. Chu for our Students.

CISB would like to express tremendous gratitude to Ms. Eugenia Chu for her time with our Grade 1!