Over 80% of CISB students are Bilingual and Multilingual learners at CISB! In Elementary, our BLM program’s goal is to reach each child’s full language potential as we make authentic links to the Homeroom class’s curriculum and provide a differentiated approach based on the needs of each student.

Did you know?

• That BML (Bilingual and Multilingual Learners) is also known as ELL, ESL, or EAL.
• In Elementary BLM, teachers co-plan and co-teach with Homeroom teachers, and they also work with small groups to address specific needs with targeted support.
• Having more than one teacher in the room brings multiple perspectives or teaching a concept.
• BLM teachers provide differentiated learning engagements

Find out more about BLM in our two-part series;

Video One: What is BLM?