One of the cornerstones of the IB and a CISB education is the Learner Profile. Through the engagement with the principles of the Learner Profile, students grow and develop as internationally-minded world citizens. Another cornerstone of CISB is our beloved Bobcat. The Bobcat and the Bobcat Bucks that students receive have been part of our school for years, and now, they come together.

In the PSES, a Bobcat has been provided for each classroom. The Bobcat will help the teachers and the students watch for positive behaviour that aligns with the elements of the Learner Profile. Students will continue to receive Bobcat Bucks from their teachers and be recognized for their positive contribution to the CISB school community.

Different classes have already taken action to have their Bobcat play a role. In some classes, the Bobcat keeps a watchful eye, whispering the good news of principled, inquiring students to the teacher. Other times, the Bobcat takes part in the lesson, and the students describe how to be a caring and reflective learner to help the Bobcat grow and learn with them.

We encourage all parents to speak with their children about the IB Learner Profile and inquire how their child(ren) are learning about this fundamental piece of a world-class IB education. We hope the students will keep the Bobcat busy throughout the year as they grow as internationally-minded learners and citizens of the world.

By Allen McInnis, PSES Principal.