Students from grade 9 through grade 12 wrote this contest. Justin Rhee from grade 12, Albert Huang from grade 11, Qi Yin from grade 10 and Edison Zhao from grade 9 were ranked among top 25 % in their respective grade contest. These students got distinction and are awarded with certificates and medals.

Edison Zhao shares his experience about this contest.

In the wake of a year, I always look forward with great anticipation to two great competitions, one in the form of team competition and one in the form of individual competition. They are both related to one of my most passionate subjects, math. They are the prestigious AMC and CEMC. Before any grand competitions of this kind, CISB and my math teachers always offer me the most confiding encouragement and professional guidance. Every year, I would bask in the comfort of valuable opportunities provided by the school to have the honor to take the tests, so that I could give full play to my potentials and let my imagination soar. The platform the school offers bridges the gap between strangers of kids and brings us together as friends. CISB math teachers also meticulously enlighten me about the difficulties I encounter and other mathematical ideas that are hard to grasp such as surds, quadratics, etc. The teachers also shed light on me with their patient side and comforting encouragement during the most difficult times. With all those supports and some extra practicing, I could win the distinction award for CEMC in the endless trials and progress. It is my genuine hope to be endowed with opportunities to continue my path on math and to further challenge my limitations and conquer myself

………Edison Zhao