On October the 14th, five CISB students attended the Cheer for the Olympics, an International Youth painting exhibition event. Launching the ceremony in Beijing was Mr. Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the IOC, Mr. Xu Li, Secretary of the Sub Party group of the Chinese Artists Association, among other distinguished guests.

Students were accompanied by Mr. Allen McInnis, Elementary Principal and Mr. Vincent Tam, Director of Programs and Activities. Pictured above CISB students had the opportunity to share their best wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

In addition, the students also showed a 3-meter-long cooperative painting called “Meet in the ice and snow · come on and praise the Winter Olympics,” which expressed their expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics through colourful colours.

Please click the video to see the event’s coverage. Our students are very excited to have the winter Olympics in this fantastic city!