We asked the Extended Essay Supervisors to describe their perspectives on EE journeys

Robert Hambrook

Rob Hambrook- Language Acquisition- English B Extended Essay Supervisor
“I would compare researching and writing the EE to taking a cross-country trip. They are both exciting and daunting. Exciting in that you are travelling to a new place, much like the feeling of discovering new information. Daunting in that you don’t know much about this new environment, just like the feeling of unfamiliarity that comes with encountering new ideas in your research. Secondly, both entail having rewarding and challenging new experiences along the way. Rewarding as in being able to find the hotels, restaurants and attractions you seek, similar to the new insights and perspectives you have taken as a junior scholar. Challenging you on your trip is the weather to battle, the decisions to make, and the rules to follow; in the EE, it’s not knowing how to manage and plan your time wisely. Finally, both can be unpredictable, much like when you thought you were on the correct road but got lost along the way. Like a good GPS device, your supervisor can always set you back on track. It’s just up to you to continue the journey.
As a supervisor, I have seen both sides of the journey and just like when you arrive at your final destination, you can’t help but look back on the experience with a smile because despite (or rather, due to) the adversity, you know that you have grown wiser as a student on the road of life.”

Peter O’Hare- Psychology-Extended Essay Supervisor
“My role as an Extended Essay (EE) supervisor has given me the opportunity to facilitate and guide my students in the writing of a major research essay. The journey to completion of the essay provides students with the opportunity to pursue a topic of their choice, one that they have a particular connection with. This allows them to take ownership of the project and research independently and this has provided them with transferable skills that not only benefit them during their school career but onwards into their further studies after they graduate. The students take great pride in their work and are eager to show the results of their endeavor. As a supervisor I am impressed by the research that they bring and introduce to me. Former students have remarked how valuable the EE experience was and how well it prepared them for University and college. They felt that they had gained confidence and research skills that equipped them for the challenges of tertiary education. Overall the EE has highlighted Educational Excellence, Erudite Enquirers, and an Excellent Enhancement to school learning. “

Ms. Lily Li- Chinese Language and Literature EE Supervisor
“EE is a research paper with a maximum length of 4000 words. It is my pleasure to work with Maggie Bao to investigate her special interest. She has engaged in discussions with me in planning and progress. For her, EE is an opportunity to conduct an analysis of the topic supported with relevant research and practice her writing skills. Maggie’s writing has become more and more effective with the use of subject-specific terminology and concepts. And, we both love the mandatory reflection sessions. It helps her have an insight into her engagement.”

Vivian Leng – Grade 12 student

“One of the most important things I have learned over the past five months is not to think of Extended Essay as an essay but rather as a record of my exploration of my interest. Different from other school assessments, EE does not have a lot of constraints on content or structure. At first, I felt stressed for not having a template to follow, but then I found out it was a great opportunity to improve my independent research skills. During this journey, I had encountered many challenges, such as lacking information about my topic and not knowing how to arrange my arguments in a logical manner. However, with the help from my supervisor and my passion towards my EE topic, I eventually figured out solutions. EE is undeniably a difficult task. But, at the same time, the growth and the sense of accomplishment it brings to me is unparalleled.