Our Head of School, Mr. Prescott, often refers to three essential aspects of learning, using the Head, Hands and Heart. In Grade 2 with Ms. Pardo this week, students utilized all three key elements in our demo kitchen.

Students used their thinking skills and transferred their knowledge about procedural writing and following steps to cook dumplings this week. Firstly, students described which tools they would use to make and cook the dumplings. Next, they listed the ingredients. After that, they listened attentively to the chef to make sure they knew the steps to create the dumplings. Grade 2 then worked cooperatively in groups to make dumplings using the materials, ingredients and tools. Finally, they stopped to reflect when something became difficult and took risks by being creative in making their unique styles of dumplings.

It’s outstanding to see students using kind words to encourage their classmates while communicating with each other to make sure everyone had a job and a chance to use all the materials. They were principled and kept their masks on and washed their hands often. Finally, they celebrated their hard work by eating delicious dumplings. Their next steps are to write a procedural text teaching others how to make dumplings. They will focus on adding an introduction, materials and ingredients, steps with tips and warnings, and a conclusion.

What a great example of learning with our head, making with our hands and enjoying the outcome with our heart!