This Semester Grade 1 has been creating a mural appropriating the US Artist Jen Stark. As an integrated Unit of Inquiry with the Homeroom, students follow the same central idea, “How We Organise Ourselves,” and are following the central idea of “Developing rules and routines to live and work together.” The key concepts they explored throughout this project in Art are Form and Responsibility with the IB Learner Profiles: Principled and Communicator.

Students were provided with the agency of choosing their groups for painting and had to make many decisions about their artwork, such as which organization roles they would like to be responsible for, their group’s colour combination, and their artwork’s shape. Although they used different strategies to make decisions, some students were able to reflect after only one week that they decided to collaborate with the wrong people and were able to make a change.

Students communicated their intentions with their visual plans in terms of colour combinations and documented this in their Art Process Journals. As they continue to paint each week, they are able to demonstrate Principled behaviour within their groups and how to carry out their assigned jobs in the Art Room, for example collecting the artwork, taking the Ink, collecting water or paintbrushes, or how they cleaned up at the end of class and cared for the art materials they used. This unit provided the students with many challenges, yet a lovely opportunity to demonstrate these important Learner Profiles, which underpin everything we do at CIS.

Our Elementary Art teacher, Mrs. Green, connected with Jen Stark herself, who was extremely happy to see our principled little artists inspired by her work. We would like to thank Mrs. Green for her dedication, hard work and providing her student with incredible opportunities.