On Wednesday, CISB was delighted to welcome Helen Boyle, the founder of the Migrant Children Foundation (MCF). Helen presented to our Grade 2 and Grade 5 students.

Grade 2 took in an inspirational talk on how we can take action to support other children in our community. Students were able to make connections to their current Who We Are unit that focuses on how helping others leads to personal growth. Students asked questions to get to know more about what they can do to help MCF. After getting a small gift from Helen, Grade 2 students reflected on how this made them feel. Then, using their critical thinking skills, the students came up with an idea to donate toys that they do not need anymore and give them to children that MCF supports. Students will bring toys to school and have a chance to wrap the gifts and write notes to accompany the presents. The presents will be donated to MCF in December. 

Grade 5 is currently inquiring into the various reasons people migrate during our Where We Are in Place and Time unit. As inquirers developing research skills, we reached out to Helen Boyle from MCF to come in and talk with us about her organization and impact on migrant children right here in Beijing. In an effort to become more open-minded, students are inquiring into perspectives around migration based on the effects of migration on people and places. Helen provided a valuable opportunity to learn about the effects of migration on the children here in Beijing whose families migrated with them from other Chinese provinces. 

Founded in 2009, MCF is a UK registered charity operating as a non-profit social enterprise in Beijing, China. MFC works with disadvantaged schools in Beijing and the surrounding areas to provide healthcare and educational opportunities to the children who attend them.

MCF’s motto: inspire and be inspired. This describes what being an IB learner is all about. We hope all our students take action as they learn more about the world they live in. Many of our students had an opportunity to discuss measures they could take to help support migrants in our local community. CISB is a proud long-time supporter of MCF, and we look forward to a continued partnership, furthering to impact our community in positive ways.

Thank you to our incredible teachers for coordinating this wonderful opportunity

By Catalina Pardo and Katrina Schmudlach.