Grade 6 is a key transitional year when students leave primary school and enter middle school. Students are engaged in 8 subjects and are moving from class to class taught by subject specialists. Self-management, an Approaches to Learning Skill (ATL), is essential as it helps students organize their time and materials.

English Language and Literature

Key Concept:

Students peer assess each other looking for strong verbs, imagery, and themes in each others’ work. This is an ATL Skill: Give and receive meaningful feedback. Students are not only authors but editors and peer coaches.

English Language Acquisition

Key Concept:

Co-Teaching allows students to get extra support in classes in order to build up essential English skills. Here the ATL Skill is: Preview and skim texts to build understanding. For students learning another language, this skill helps to reinforce subject-specific vocabulary in order to find meaning more quickly from the text.

MYP Integrated Arts: Drama

Exploring the Arts is much more than a subject. It is about creating and caring; performing and reflecting; it’s about life and being a whole human being.

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