On October 7th and 8th, teachers from across the campus undertook Professional Development Workshops at CISB. PD is vital to the CISB community. It allows teachers to upskill and reflect on their current practices. We are grateful for these opportunities. 

Four different workshops were running across the two days. The two in Middle-High School focused on Interdisciplinary Units (IDU) and Creating Authentic Units.

Jarrett Brown from Leman International School in Chengdu delivered a workshop on developing Interdisciplinary Units (IDU). Interdisciplinary is when two subjects are combined in order to enhance our teaching and learning. Teachers collaborate and create a unit that they could not do independently. In the workshop, teachers used their expertise and knowledge to create new units that will be taught to Grades 6 to 10. The ultimate goal is to have a sustainable IDU learning experience for our students this year and beyond. 

Joel Olwande from Keystone Academy in Beijing delivered a workshop on Creating Authentic Units. Teachers work in their respective departments to work on their units, which will have a real-life context to make teaching and learning as meaningful as possible. The conversations between teachers were varied and rich as they looked for ways to enhance their different subjects in areas such as conceptual learning, content development, and assessment.

The two workshops that ran across Pre-School and Elementary focused on inquiry and purposeful play.

Debbie Tai from ISA Science City Guangzhou ran Inquiry in Creative Places for our elementary teachers. Together, they looked at how the PYP framework provides opportunities for all learners to engage in relevant and significant inquiries through the transdisciplinary themes and in single-subject classes.  In addition to this, they critiqued a range of inquiry models emphasizing that inquiry is an ongoing process that leads to reflection, new inquiries, and deep understanding.

Lucila Zornosa-Sanchez from Beijing City International School ran Literacy, Mathematics and Symbolic Learning in the Early Years. Early years teachers explored how educators can offer sufficient scaffolding through a transdisciplinary learning approach to guide and support the child to learn more at their developmental level. This workshop helped early years educators develop a purposeful play environment where young children’s meaning-making around literacy and numeracy occurs naturally as children increase their understanding of the world and its systems and symbols.

CISB teachers are lifelong learners. Our key to such high-quality teaching is always to be learning new skills, gaining new knowledge and understanding across a range of areas.