We are delighted to reveal that our Grade 10 students have achieved outstanding results in their 2020-2021 Personal Projects. The Personal Project is the culminating task completed by MYP students in their final year to explore an area of interest over an extended period. As a result, students develop skills they will use in their future education and life outside the classroom.

CISB student Results

  • CISB’s average is 19% above the global average. At 4.88, CISB students have scored well above the worldwide average of 3.90
  • Four students achieved the top score of 7. Seven students achieved a score of 6
  • 41 Grade 10s completed the Personal Project

Externally moderated by the IB, the Personal Project is the first externally marked assessment. The Personal Project examines students’ approach to learning, including self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking. CISB student results speak volumes about the skills they have learnt in the process.

Some of the projects from the 2020-21 school year included: starting a clothing brand and online store, writing and illustrating a picture book about the importance of waste management, creating a traditional long scroll telling the story of Fang Li’s life, learning to cook and then transferring that learning into a cookbook for beginners, improving coding skills to make an entertaining game, and designing a line of jewellery made from repurposed materials, just to name a few! Although fun and rewarding, this process was a lot of hard work. Congratulations to our CISB students who faced this challenge head-on. We are very proud of you for it!” – Jade Harrold

Jade Harrold was CISB’s Personal Project coordinator and MYP Coordinator for 2020-2021. She provided the support and overarching instruction our students have needed to reach such incredible results.

Thank you to all our students and staff for their hard work!