Boon NG

Boon NG G7 Advisory Teacher

Dr Boon NG is from Australia and part of CISB Mathematics Department where he is currently teaching MYP/DP Mathematics. Dr NG has been an educator for 19 years and has a unique employment background consisting of teaching, tutoring, research and lecturing experiences. Academically, he received his tertiary and postgraduate qualifications (BSc, BSc (Hons) and PhD) from the University of Tasmania in 2011 where his PhD thesis entitled simulation and optimisation in ion chromatography. Upon completion of his PhD, Dr NG spent most of his time developing his research expertise where he has held various postdoctoral employment, notably at Nanyang Technological University (World QS ranking: 11) as a Senior Research Fellow and at the University of New South Wales as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr Ng has published a total of 16 research papers at various peer-reviewed international journals where his career highlight paper is computer-assisted simulation and optimisation of retention in ion chromatography at the highest impact-factored journal (IF: 7.487) in Analytical Chemistry. Dr NG has worked in different countries, namely Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Dr NG prefers people development and personal engagement, as a result, he opted to becoming a teacher when he had a choice to become a university professor. During his private times, Dr NG enjoys playing soccer, basketball and cooking where he prides his cooking as a way to bring people together.

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