At CISB, the Language and Literature Department is pioneering an innovative approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into education. As discussions about AI’s role in the future workforce and its potential to reshape economies become more prevalent, CISB is exploring how this technology can enhance the learning experience for students.  

Ms. Rebecca Henriksen, a leading educator in the department, spearheads efforts to experiment with AI’s practical applications in the classroom. Thes key focus of these experiments is cultivating critical thinking skills among students, a cornerstone of CISB’s educational philosophy. In one project, Ms. Henrikson presented DP students with pages from novels they had previously studied alongside AI-generated versions of these pages. This exercise challenged students to discern which passages were crafted by humans and which by AI, leading to insightful discussions about the unique qualities of human creativity versus AI’s formulaic tendencies.  

Further exploring AI’s educational potential, Ms. Henriksen utilized an AI bot as a personalized tutor in a Grade 8 character analysis assignment. This AI bot, rather than providing direct answers, prompted students to delve deeper into their analysis, mirroring the role of a personal tutor. Ms. Henriksen monitored these interactions, ready to guide the discussion as needed.  

CISB’s foray into AI in education prepares students for a future where technology and human ingenuity intersect. While cautious of AI’s limitations and mindful of its responsible use, CISB is excited about the vast educational possibilities that AI promises. Our AI initiatives prepare students to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital age by equipping them with the critical thinking and creative skills necessary for success.