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CISB offers a diverse After School Activities (ASA) program that provides our students from Pre-Kindergarten 3 to Grade 12 with opportunities to support their learning and to cultivate and enrich existing social, intellectual and motor skills.

Our ASA program is offered daily from 15:40 to 16:40 Monday to Thursday and 14:40 to 15:40 on Friday with a late bus service provided for our bus students. We offer two types of ASAs: Our Non-Paid ASA and our Paid ASA.



After School Paid Activities 

Our ASA program is complemented by coaches and clubs from the Beijing community who specialize in particular athletic, artistic or cultural skills. These programs usually include a fee and activities such as the listed below.  


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Non-Pay ASA 

Our Non-Pay ASA are teacher-directed and include athletics, academic, artistic, cultural and community-focused programs. Programming starts in early elementary, and students can signup for at the start of each term or athletic season. See the activities below.

Middle/High Activities and Clubs

Our Middle/High School (MSHS) Activities and Clubs include athletics, academic clubs, performing arts, volunteering and service programs. MSHS students must email the program coordinator to join. Program details and contacts are listed below. 

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Our Canadian Academic Academy Program (CAAP) offers students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 an opportunity to enrich their classroom learning with programs focused on language development, mathematical skill development and IB DP, IELTS and TOEFL preparation. These two hours a week programs start at the beginning of each term. Find out more by visiting our ASA department or email us.


Whether it is through Physical Education class, or through competition within any of the sports of our Athletics Programs, we hope to provide our students with the opportunities and lessons that cannot be provided within a classroom setting. In this way, we hope to educate the whole child and provide an opportunity for our students to learn both within the classroom and outside of it.


Activities and Athletics

Welcome to the CISB Community!

CISB offers Activity and Athletic programs throughout the entire school year. The programs focus mainly on the overall development of the students. CISB would include, but is not limited to, language development, Inter-school Sports programs, arts & crafts, music, performances, games and information technology.

The Activities and Athletics Programs at CISB helps ensure that our students are able to reach their highest potential by providing a well-rounded program of activities outside of the classroom. These activities are directed toward the development of their talents, skills, self-confidence and sense of global citizenship.

These programs allow students the opportunity to further develop their individual talents and to widen their horizons. Students can avail of a rich extracurricular life, with opportunities for acting, singing and dancing in dramatic and musical productions or chorus; writing and editing for the school newspaper or yearbook; or participating in other activities.

ASA Group Photo
From Left to Right: Nora Liu, Amy Wang, Vincent Tam, Sunny Shi

For the convenience of parents, CISB has implemented a late bus service each Monday and Thursday afternoon at 4:45pm. Travel to and from competitions for the Inter-school Sports Programs is provided by CISB.

The programs also include events and socials throughout the school year.  These include events such as Social Nights, Talent Shows, Halloween events, Sports Days, Literacy Night, Math Olympics, Month-End Assemblies, Winter and Summer Concerts, Winter Carnival, Multicultural and Heritage Fairs, Science Fairs as well as other activities.

We will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding our Activity and Athletic programs!

Finally, please support our school teams… Go Bobcats, Go!!

Vincent Tam
Director of Programs & Activities

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