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Middle Years Programme
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The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), intended for students aged 11 to 16 (Grades 6 to 10), provides a framework of academic challenges that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, while becoming critical and reflective thinkers. The objectives of the MYP are to provide students with a balanced education, to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility and to promote international understanding through a shared academic experience.

Our curriculum consists of eight subject groups integrated through the Global Contexts. Along with studying two languages (English and either Mandarin or French), CISB students will also focus on Science, Mathematics, Individuals & Societies (I&S), Arts (Drama, Visual Art and Music), Design Technology and Physical and Health Education. At CISB, these subjects are taught in English and some English language proficiency is required for students entering Grades 6-12.

Interdisciplinary study is an explicit part of the MYP throughout the 5-year program. In their Grade 10 year, students will engage in a personal project, which allows them to demonstrate their understandings and skills that they have developed throughout the program.






















What our kids are saying

CISB is a very fun place where I go every day. There are lots of people to meet from all over the world! I like coming every day to school because I can play with my friends outside. My teacher is so nice, she teaches me new words and she lets me do a lot of quite reading, and I LOVE READING!” 


Grade 2

“CISB is an amazing school, because you get to work with many inspiring peers and teachers.”

Isabelle Duan

Grade 7

“CISB provides me and my friends with many opportunities and resources to grow, develop, and achieve our academic and personal goals through different activities, facilities and teams.”

Ewan Mclnnis

Grade 11

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