The Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) is proud to announce the winners of the new IB Leader Scholarships, recognizing students who have demonstrated significant strengths and/or growth in the IB Learner Profile, Service/Action, and/or ATL’s (Approaches to Learning). 

The scholarship winners, selected from Grade 3 and above, are shining examples of excellence at CISB. 

The winners are as follows: 

Grade 3: 

Alexander Z.

Ayesha K. T.

Sabrina Z.  

Grade 4:

Vignesh T. S.

Sherry F.

Andres M. L.  

Grade 5: 

Eva Z.

Cora O.

Adrien W.  

Grade 6: 

Luna W.

Jeffrey J.  

Grade 7:

Jacqueline S.

Diego P. L.

Alina P.  

Isabella T.  

Grade 8: 

Macy Q.

Alisa K.

Grade 9: 

Jessica L.

Jennifer W.  

Grade 10: 

Karen L.

Hasti M.  

Grade 11: 

Mohamed S.

Nika F.

Kwan L.

These exceptional students impressed the selection committee with their submission, comprised of a personal statement and/or video showing evidence of how they met one or more of the stated criteria for the scholarship category. 

Congratulations to these hard-working and high-achieving students. 

The Canadian School of Beijing (CISB) celebrates the achievements of these students and acknowledges the dedication of educators, parents, and mentors who have supported them. 

Congratulations to the winners of the IB Leader Scholarships. Your achievements inspire others and exemplify the values of CISB.