Parents and students at the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) recently gathered for a special “Meet the Teacher Night.” This event, which spanned from Preschool to High School, provided a unique opportunity for parents to connect with educators, gain insights into the school’s curriculum, and discover ways to support their children’s educational journey. 

Preschool and Elementary Section: Measuring Growth

The evening began with an introduction of the PYP Leadership team, which included Ms. Pauline Si, our Elementary School Parent Representative. Mr. McInnis stated, “The importance of our partnership with the parent community cannot be overstated. It’s essential to recognize that we are a collaborative team, united by a shared vision for the future of our students at CISB.” Ms. Si’s presence on stage alongside the PYP academic leadership team further underscored the crucial relationship between CISB and our respected parent community. 

Parents were invited to “Drop-In Sessions” in classrooms across the school. These sessions offered parents a firsthand look at their child’s learning environment and daily activities. This experience provided valuable insights into the settings where educational development occurs, and students excel.

Later in the evening, Mr. McInnis led a focused and comprehensive session on how CISB employs MAP data to foster student growth. He elaborated on how teachers will use upcoming results for future planning and how parents can actively prepare their children for these assessments. The session offered valuable insights into the testing process, reinforcing the school’s commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience for every CISB student. 

Parents then had the opportunity to delve into our Mandarin language and specialty programs. The “Mandarin Drop-In Class” and “Specialty Class Drop-In” sessions gave parents a unique window into the teaching methods and strategies used in Mandarin instruction and a wide array of specialty programs CISB offers.

Middle & High School: A World of Opportunities 

“Meet the Teacher Night” in the middle and high school section covered various aspects crucial for success in the upper grades. The evening began with a warm welcome to parents, followed by brief introductions of the leadership team, including their backgrounds and interests.

The leadership team then addressed the classroom environment, essential agreements, and expectations, encompassing behavior policies, attendance, and safety protocols. Following this, parents listened to a presentation on the curriculum, which offered insights into subjects and an overview of the Unit of Inquiry. The leadership team also explained commonly used teaching strategies, details on assessment methods, and the importance of the home-school connections.

To foster a deeper connection, high school parents had the opportunity to meet all their children’s teachers, and every classroom was open for visitors.

“Meet the Teacher Night” strengthened the bond between parents, students, and educators. It served as a testament to CISB’s commitment to creating a collaborative learning environment where everyone plays a vital role in shaping students’ futures. Thanks to all the parents who attended, and we look forward to continued growth and success together.