CISB Middle and High School took an educational visit to ConocoPhillips-China, one of China’s leading offshore oil and gas production entities. The visit provided the students with an in-depth look at the Bohai and South China Sea operations, where ConocoPhillips-China plays a pivotal role in the region’s energy production. The company, acknowledging China as the largest market for its LNG activities, is actively working to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 10% within the next six years, aiming to reach a target of 30% by 2030.

Beyond their industrial achievements, CISB students were introduced to ConocoPhillips’ progressive employee policies. The company fosters a flexible work environment, allowing employees to telecommute twice a week and take alternate Fridays off, contingent on completing overtime hours. On-site amenities like changing rooms, nursing rooms for mothers, and play areas for children complement this approach, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

ConocoPhillips-China’s efforts to cultivate a diverse workforce are evident in their hiring practices, which emphasize inclusivity across gender and racial lines. Such policies illustrate the company’s dedication to creating an equitable and supportive workplace.

During the visit, CISB students engaged in various activities and posed numerous questions, making the most of this learning opportunity. They left with a broader understanding of the oil and gas sector’s dynamic nature and the increasing emphasis on sustainable practices within the industry.

The experience at ConocoPhillips-China offered the students of CISB a firsthand view of the energy industry’s challenges and innovations, providing valuable insights into the future of energy and the environment.