CISB recently hosted Cheryl Laing, a distinguished educational expert from Australia, for a specialized professional development focused on elevating the practice of word study within the Primary Years Program (PYP).

Cheryl Laing’s three-day workshop focused on the critical role of word study in literacy development within the PYP framework. Her dynamic, hands-on, and interactive methods brought fresh perspectives to our faculty and students with innovative strategies that develop deeper comprehension and engagement in language learning.

Cheryl’s engagement with teachers with word study—a pedagogical approach that transcends traditional spelling instruction to nurture an understanding of word patterns, meanings, and origins—was invaluable. Collaborating with our PreK4 to Grade 5 teachers, she demonstrated how word study is foundational in enhancing reading and writing skills, cultivating a lifelong interest in language. 

Inclusive collaborative sessions, classroom walkthroughs, and stimulating workshops allowed Cheryl to share techniques that connect phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, spotlighting the significance of integrating active learning in daily classroom routines.

A highlight of her visit was the parent presentation where Cheryl detailed how the nuances of word study are pivotal in establishing a solid literacy foundation. This underscored CISB’s dedication to the educational journey of our students, involving the entire school community. Educators, students, and parents are all involved in this collective quest of excellence for every student at CISB.

Cheryl Laing’s visit concluded with strategic planning sessions and forward-thinking discussions on promoting word study. The CISB community has been left enriched and invigorated. Her contributions have laid the groundwork for a renewed focus on language education that is both effective and engaging.

CISB’s dedication to adopting highly effective educational practices is evident in the success of this visit. We are eager to integrate Cheryl’s insights into our curriculum, continuing to provide an outstanding educational experience that equips our students for future academic achievements. Together with our parent partners, we look forward to nurturing a community where every student thrives in literacy and beyond.