CISB was privileged to host Professor Daniel E. Agbiboa from Harvard University for a Q&A session with our grades 9-12 students. As an accomplished Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard, Professor Agbiboa brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the session, enriching our students’ understanding.

He recounted his educational path, having obtained advanced degrees from the University of Cambridge and Oxford University and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, leading to his current position at Harvard. He emphasized how travel and exposure to diverse cultures and people were central to his success. 

Professor Agbiboa passionately encouraged CISB students to focus on self-development, urging them to put in extra effort driven by passion rather than obligation. He stressed the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, describing it as a critical factor for personal growth and maintaining life balance, motivating our students to push their boundaries. 

The professor also advised students on the importance of resilience, suggesting they constructively use disappointments to fuel self-improvement. He highlighted the importance of attitude in approaching life’s challenges and viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth.  

The session with Professor Agbiboa provided CISB students with practical advice and insights from a world-renowned academic, aligning with CISB’s commitment to developing a global perspective and academic excellence among its students.