Embracing International Mindedness

CISB’s Journey through the Learner Profile

Developing a globally aware and culturally sensitive mindset is at the core of our CISB’s educational approach. In line with this vision, our PYP Coordinators, Rafael Trejo, and Penny Liu, recently conducted another enlightening session in our ongoing Parents’ Workshop Series. This workshop focused on a crucial element of our curriculum: the Learner Profile and its role in shaping internationally minded learners.

The workshop gave parents a deeper understanding of the IB Learner Profile and its implementation at CISB. It emphasized how the IB Learner Profile is integrated into our curriculum and daily school life, preparing students to be responsible global citizens with strong academic foundations.

The event was marked by interactive discussions and engaging activities, allowing parents to experience firsthand the learning environment we provide for our students. Through these activities, parents gained insights into how the Learner Profile attributes are encouraged and developed in students, laying a foundation for lifelong learning and international understanding.

The workshop was informative and engaging. Parents took part in activities as students, allowing them to experience what their children do in classrooms. Our CISB parents left the workshop with a better appreciation of the IB philosophy and how it benefits their children. Their feedback was positive, including some expressing a newfound understanding of the importance of international education in today’s interconnected world and an appreciation for what it is like to be in an IB classroom.

At CISB, we are committed to nurturing learners who are academically proficient, globally aware, and empathetic. These workshops are crucial for developing a community that comprehends and supports our educational approach, enhancing engagement among all members.

We will host more workshops this year to strengthen home-school connections and give parents a feel for student life at CISB. We encourage our parents to stay involved and participate in these future events. Your participation is critical to creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment and building the foundation of a strong home-school connection.