CISB has introduced a unique initiative inviting parents to become guest readers in classrooms, a policy designed to strengthen students’ educational experiences by directly involving their parents. This ongoing program encourages parents to volunteer around 30 minutes to read to their child’s class, choosing books from their personal collection or the CISB library.
There are many benefits to this new initiative. Primarily, it brings the perspectives and voices of parents into the classroom, enriching the learning environment with diverse stories and cultural backgrounds. Moreover, it allows students to see their parents in a role model capacity, emphasizing the importance of reading and lifelong learning. This participation supports the development of literacy and language skills while developing a stronger sense of community within the classroom.
In addition, parents exemplify the value of engagement with education, reinforcing the notion that learning extends beyond the school and into the home. It also allows parents to contribute to their child’s education directly and effectively, deepening the bond between home and school.
The guest reader program illustrates CISB’s commitment to embracing innovative and inclusive educational practices. It supports our mission to nurture reflective, caring, and knowledgeable students prepared to contribute positively to the global community.