The Grade 12 Visual Art Exhibition, held from April 12-14, was a vibrant showcase of creativity by our young Diploma Programme artists. Over nine weeks, the students explored various techniques, including painting and sculpting, culminating in an exhibition where they presented their works. The event highlighted the students’ ability to express complex emotions and thoughts through art. Displaying artistic achievements and appreciating the artwork of their peers, the Grade 12 students marked a successful conclusion to their studies.
“Ecdysis”, derived from the Greek word “ékdysis”, means “going out” or “shedding”. The prefix “ek” means “out” or “away”, and the root “dysis” comes from the verb “dyein”, meaning “to enter”. The compound word “ékdysis” literally means “walking out” or “shedding”.

This term was first adopted in the biological sciences to describe the process of molting or shedding the exoskeleton in arthropods and other animals.

From childhood to adolescence, and into adulthood, the body and mind experience a constant “metamorphosis” or “ecdysis” every day. Young female student artists from different nationalities, in the process of growing up, are using visual arts to explore the reflections of their self and identity, and this is just the beginning.


Curator and Instructor

CISB IB DP/MYP Visual Arts Teacher

Artist, Indie rock musician, Independent Documentary Director

From San Francisco California, United States of America

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Visual Arts Students of Canadian International School of Beijing; Class of 2024

Tessy Umutoni

Harmony of Layer, 2024

Paper mache, spray paint, yarn, wire, tape,

640mm x 910mm x 1810mm

Description: It skillfully combines various colors and shapes to convey a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. The colors used in the piece evoke different feeling, each representing a unique facet of human emotions. Central to the artwork is the presence of a crocheted dress, which serves as a powerful symbol, representing the masks that individuals often feel compelled to wear in society. Just as the dress conceals the true form beneath, so too do people sometimes hide their genuine emotions and experiences behind a facade.

Waxen Arboreal Wonder, 2024

Plaster, shapeable wire mesh, wax

340mm x 920mm x 1720mm

Description: This piece represents a decaying nature of a tree, capturing the essence of impermanence and the continuous changes that occur throughout life. The white in the sculpture suggest purity, innocence, contrasting with the decaying tree its represents.

Boundless Affection, 2024

Paper mache, Stryrofoam, nails, yarn, dye

190mm x 370mm x 540mm

Description: This piece showcases a profound metaphorical representation of giving ones’ heart to another. The heart piece takes center stage, symbolizing the vulnerability and emotional depth involved in such an act. Adorned with nails, varying different shapes and sizes, the composition embodies the potential pain and challenge that may arise when sharing one’s heart.

Dancing Kaleidoscope, 2023

Acrylic paint, plaster, foam, spray paint on canvas

600mm x 760mm

Description: This piece reflects the idea of constant transformation and evolution that occurs in our environment. The diverse elements represented by different shapes and colors symbolize the various facets of the natural world.

Untitled, 2023

Acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastel, and foam on canvas

800mm x 100mm

Description: This piece offers a glimpse into a chaotic and whimsical nature of a child’s perception, where reality may be altered and transformed into a representation that reflects their own thoughts and feelings.

Untitled, 2023

Translucent coloured paper, artificial flower, watercolour paint, shapeable wire mesh, hot glue on canvas

600mm x 800mm

Description: The art piece captures the essence of the withering beauty of flowers Through a combination of different materials it is able to portray. the dryness and decay of colors. The once vibrant and lively life around the flowers now appears wilted and lifeless, emphaszing the transient nature of beauty.

Untitled, 2024

Acrylic, oil pastel, soft pastel on canvas

600mm x 760mm

Description: This painting is about a sense of inner pain and emotional turmoil. The focus of the work suggests that there is a deeper, hidden suffering within. Aiming to express the universal human experience of hurting from within, evoking empathy and reflection.

Jasmina Sovet

Silent desolation, 2023

Oil paint on Canvas

350mm x 510mm

Description: In this artwork, I have illustrated a subject lying on the table while streams of blue tears cascade down onto its surface. This artwork expresses the depths of human emotion, specifically the profound experience of sorrow. By depicting her emotionless facial expression, I invite viewers to question the depth of emotions concealed beneath her seemingly detached facade. Silent Desolation prompts viewers to reflect on the intricacies of human emotion and the complexities of inner experiences that may not always be readily apparent. It invites contemplation on the masks we wear and the unseen struggles we carry beneath the surface.

Ethereal elegance, 2024

Oil paint on Canvas 

395mm x500mm

Description: Ethereal Elegance represents a woman with an enchanting presence. Half of the face is covered with the subject’s hair to add intrigue to the portrait. The interplay of red, brown, blue, and yellow symbolizes the range of emotions, experiences, and identities that women encompass.

Duality of Concealment, 2024

Sculpture: plaster model painted with acrylic, modeling paste, plaster mix

430mm x400mm x710mm

Description: The duality of Concealment represents a subject being half covered in rainbow stripes and the other half encased in plaster. The rainbow stripes symbolize the spectrum of identities, experiences, and emotions that exist within each individual. On the other hand, the plaster-covered half of the woman’s body signifies the societal pressures and expectations that can hinder personal growth and self-discovery. It represents the challenges and limitations imposed by external forces, which can bury one’s true identity beneath layers of conformity and suppression.

Sun Ming Yang

ID portrait of a Tibetan Girl, 2023

Digital Printmaking


Description: As society evolves, the connection between the mainstream society and ethnic minorities has become increasingly close. The prototype of my work is a memorable young girl from a summer support- teaching activity in Tibet in 2023. She displayed the same curiosity, courage, and desire to learn as children in the mainstream society. Her resilience and determination deeply moved me; she studied hard in a challenging environment, hoping to change her fate through education. However, one question that I couldn’t help but ponder is whether these ethnic minority children will encounter many problems and difficulties when they enter society. My work depicts a young girl from an ethnic minority having her first official portrait taken. Her expression reveals her unease and uncertainty, while also conveying confidence in the future. The different filters surrounding her suggest the myriad choices and possibilities she will face upon entering society.

Stifle, 2024

Clay, plastic wrap, spaypaint 

310mm x 270mm x 180mm

Description: Will it suffocate? Perhaps, when not understood. Like being wrapped in plastic wrap, unable to escape. Like falling into a swamp, the more you struggle to escape but the deeper you sink. Tired? Take a rest. Close your eyes, relax your body. In social interactions, many times, let It be, what’s meant to come, will come.

Anabel Ossorio

Ceniza, 2024

Table lamp parts, yarn, spray paint

280mm x360mm x 660mm

Description: The artwork finds its main inspiration in the imagery of a lit match and the transformative effects of its subsequent burning, resulting in a weathered and charred appearance. Through the use of color and perspective, the sculpture aims to faithfully capture the essence of a lit match. The upper portion of the artwork features a combination of black and silver hues, while the lower section is adorned with a bold and striking red color, creating the optical illusion of the upper part being extensively burned and transformed into ash. Moreover, within the lower section, there is a metallic-looking stem that traverses the delicate structure of the lamp, symbolizing the gradual consumption of the match by the fire.

Brazilian Rose, 2024

Acrylic paint on canvas

597mm x 914mm

Description: The artwork draws inspiration from vibrant Brazilian festivities, where art takes the form of colorful costumes, lively music, and energetic dances. By utilizing various shapes and colors, the intention was to capture a sense of depth and an animated atmosphere. The painting depicts a human-like figure adorned with a vivid mask, while the body of the figure is adorned with the stem of a plant that extends along the outer part of the upper body. This element is represented by the green triangles within the mask, adding depth and significance to the overall composition.

To be found, 2024

Acrylic paint and plaster on canvas 

610mm x 910mm

Description: The artwork draws its main inspiration from the aerial view of the land as seen from an airplane, offering a high perspective. The primary objective of this artwork is to delve into the potential of plaster as a medium and to experiment with texture in order to convey a sense of perspective and depth. The composition consists of interconnected planes and shapes, each carefully constructed to create the illusion of depth through the use of vibrant hues such as red, white, yellow, and green, as well as various textures. Prominently visible within the artwork are three red spirals, distinguished by their slightly darker shade, which contribute to the overall visual impact.