The PYP Exhibition is the culminating project for students in their final year of the Primary Years Programme. In this process, students choose topics they are deeply passionate about and spend weeks conducting in-depth research to become true experts on their subject.

Students meet regularly with a mentor, a teacher, or other staff member to discuss their findings, plan the next steps, and receive guidance on their work. These one-on-one meetings are invaluable for keeping students on track to ensure they investigate their topics thoroughly.

In addition to working with a mentor, students meet weekly with “Think Tank” groups. These groups consist of volunteers from across the school staff, including teachers, administrators, counselors, and others, who provide an outside perspective. The students share their research and exhibition plans, and the Think Tank members ask questions, offer suggestions, and help the students refine their work.

To gather firsthand data and insights, the students contact experts. They conduct interviews, distribute surveys, and find other ways to connect directly with people who can provide unique and authoritative information about their topics.

The PYP Exhibition is a precious learning experience that allows students to dive deeply into an area of personal interest, develop critical research and presentation skills, and make connections across the curriculum. Through the support of mentors, Think Tanks, and community experts, the students create exhibition pieces that showcase their knowledge and understanding in authentic and impactful ways.