CISB Students Excel at the 4th Chinese Language Festival Competition

CISB students recently participated in the 4th Chinese Language Festival Competition, a global event that draws competitors worldwide. The final results indicate that the students delivered an exceptional performance.

The festival is guided by fundamental principles that promote Chinese language education and ensure the event’s integrity. The guidelines stress honesty, respect, adherence to the organizing committee’s protocols, and impartial assessment of all entries. The competition also prioritizes the confidentiality of participant information, promotes Chinese culture, and fosters public involvement. 

Thirty-eight students from CISB took part in this prestigious competition. The results were excellent:

  • Nine students won the title of Champion.
  • Five were awarded the 1st Runner-Up.
  • Ten received the 2nd Runner-Up.
  • Seven were recognized with the Award of Merit.

Here is the list of students who were honored at the competition:


· Peter K.

· Lilian R. & Rayna A.

· Feanah T.

· Teresa W.

· Cindy C.

· Crystal W.

· Emman O.

· Esme B.

· Ivy M.

1st Runner Up:

· Lotye Y.

· Ethan S.

· Kevin Z.

· Ethan C.L.

· Aoife B.

2nd Runner Up:

· Jay H.

· Deekshitha A.

· Emilia S.

· Ishita D.

· Sarah L.

· William Z.

· Joshua L.

· Harris W.

2nd Runner Up in Group:

· G6 Chinese Language Acquisition Capable Level Class 

· G8 Chinese Language Acquisition Emergent & Capable Level Class 

Award of Merit:

· Heina V.

· Maira E.

· Nur-Tore B.

· Aikyn T.

· Teresa W.

· Youlah K.

· Abigail L.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the CISB community for their support, which has been instrumental in achieving these results. Our students’ hard work and dedication have clearly paid off, reflecting CISB’s commitment to developing linguistic skills and cultural understanding through competition.