CIS Beijing recently welcomed forty students from grades 2 through 8 to participate in the Math Kangaroo competition. This event marked the school’s new status as an official examination center for the competition, which attracts millions of participants worldwide and promotes mathematical thinking and creativity.

Students engaged in paper-based exams, supported by six parent volunteers and a teacher who managed registration and the distribution of exam papers. This successful organization highlights our community’s active involvement and commitment to its students while underscoring CIS Beijing’s enhanced capacity as an official examination center to host significant international competitions and further enrich its academic offerings.

The accomplishments of the Math Kangaroo competition demonstrates CIS Beijing’s commitment to providing educational opportunities that equip students for academic and personal challenges, enhancing their problem-solving skills and boosting their confidence. CIS Beijing remains dedicated to offering its students access to top international competitions that effectively support intellectual growth and develop young minds.


Junseo K. —-Gold Award

Olivia H. W. —-Silver Award

Yiqing (Kimberly) C.—-Bronze Award

Franklin C.—-Bronze Award

Damon M.—-Bronze Award

David C. R.—-Proficiency Award

Yicheng S.—-Proficiency Award

Henry X. Z.—-Proficiency Award

Junseo K. – Special Mention- Qualify for Math Kangaroo Asia Camp