Yesterday, the CISB hosted its much-anticipated annual Science Fair, marking our dedicated students’ culmination of over a month and a half of hard work. This premier event, a highlight of the Science Department’s calendar, took place in Gym A and featured an impressive array of over 100 individual and collaborative projects by students from grades 6 through 8.

From 13:40 to 15:30, the students presented their projects to visiting parents and fellow students. Each participant, having worked either individually or in pairs, displayed their projects that reflected their hard work and innovative approach to science.

Parents and teachers had a unique opportunity to engage directly with the young scientists, gaining insights into their thought processes and knowledge of scientific principles. The fair was a display of scientific inquiry and a dynamic interaction space for students to articulate their findings and hypotheses.

An integral part of the event was the community involvement. Parents, teachers, and students participated in the voting process, selecting their favorite projects for various awards. The fair concluded with a communal atmosphere where refreshments were served and conversations about future scientific endeavors and current achievements took center stage.

The CISB community is excited for the upcoming assembly on May 20th, where winners will be honored with awards and certificates across various categories, celebrating the spirit of inquiry and excellence that the Science Fair promotes.