CISB hosted CANMUN III on June 9-10, bringing together delegates from various schools. Students from CISB were active participants at the conference, joining with international schools to address global challenges. The event showcased the dedication and enthusiasm of students from diverse backgrounds, united in their commitment to global issues.

Focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, CANMUN III provided a platform for delegates to delve into pressing global issues under the theme “Building Resilience and Navigating Global Challenges.” Across four dynamic committees, delegates engaged in lively debates and collaborative problem-solving, honing their critical thinking and diplomatic skills.

In the General Assembly, delegates tackled eradicating child labor in West African cocoa plantations. The Economic and Social Council focused on bridging the digital divide and enhancing access to financial services. The Security Council addressed measures to restrict independent military organizations and regulate the military arms trade. The Crisis Committee navigated the complexities of the Suez Canal crisis.

With the expert help of Secretary Generals Karen L. and Arthur V., CANMUN III gave students a unique chance to act like world leaders and diplomats. Rucha K. managed the website efficiently, ensuring ran smoothly, keeping everyone connected. Kirby Z. and LoucasP. excelled in the Crisis Committee, earning Best Delegate awards for their outstanding work.

CANMUN III upheld a tradition of excellence and laid the foundation for future conferences where students will continue to engage, learn, and grow. Under the dedicated direction of Vishwas Kulkarni as the DP/EE Coordinator, CANMUN III exemplified the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the MUN experience.