The MSHS community recently showcased its dramatic talent with a stunning performance of “The Outsiders.” This gripping story of conflict and redemption, set in rural Oklahoma, follows the intense rivalry between two gangs. The main character of Ponyboy Curtis (Played by Lang Lang Ng) is a young man from the wrong side of town. His gang of friends and family are called “GREASERS” and often looked down upon by the elite of the city called the “SOCIALS.”  

The students worked to bring The Outsiders to life over the past few months. Under Adam Combs’s Creative Direction and Rain Liu’s Technical Direction, CISB students modernized this classic story. The production included elements of Cinematic Theatre intended to entertain audiences and draw them into this classic story.

Congratulations for an impressive performance!

The Outsiders Cast & Crew List


PONYBOY- Lang Lang Ng

JOHNNY- Darren Ren

BOB- William Bai

RANDY- Keshaav Sankar

DALLAS- George Bao

TWO-BIT- Jerry Wang

DARRY- Tommy Wang

SODA POP- Ethan Sui

SANDY- Alisa Krylova

CHERRY- Janet Ziiatdinova

MARCIA- Katrina Armalovica

MRS. O’BRIEN- Melanie Ondara

JERRY (GERI)- Nicollette Clare

DOCTOR- Simon Duan

NURSE- Amanda Dong

PAUL- Vincent Jiang


MRS. SYME- Victoria Tape


GREASERS- Ailin Li, Steven Chong, Daniel Li, Lena Orbach, Warren Shen, Michelle Yang, Anne Zhang, Cici Zhao, Maddison Zhou, Karina Jarzabek

SOCS- Arthur An, Aaron Cervantes, Sam Chen, Macy Qiu, Phoebe Tam, Haru Shimizuda, Alfred Shin, Narifu Sun, Mayank Thottethodi


Eason Yi, Bart Xu, Zhang Ziyang, Daniel Pan, Daniel Sun, Kirby Zhang, Alan Jin, April Huang