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Canadian Academic Academy Program (CAAP)
TOEFL Class Enhanced Lesson Details

Grade 8-11: Enhanced TOEFL TEST Courses

For grades 8-11 the CAAP program will offer TOEFL classes for students who wish to study in the US. We have pre-TOEFL program (focusing on elementary knowledge, and designed for students whose entry test score is below 80) and Intensive TOEFL program (focusing on advanced knowledge, and designed for students whose entry test score is above 80). Knowledge will be imparted according to students’ academic level to ensure that they can get improvement.

In addition, students can obtain the skills of analyzing complex sentences and of composing sentences in a professional and academic tone. These skills are of great help to students’ further article reading and essay writing at university. Simultaneously, the acquisition of the methods and techniques necessary for the genuine test will allow students to be familiar with the problem-solving ideas of each type of question and be able to master the test preparation strategy.

Pre-TOEFL program Intensive TOEFL program
Entrance test score is below 80 Entrance test score is above 80
Vocabulary expansion and analysis of sentence structure Comprehension and Composition of complex sentences
Methods and techniques for basic questions Methods and techniques for difficult questions
Introduction to academic English Introduction to academic English Further development of academic English: thinking and application


  • To help students to prepare for either the TOEFL test.
  •  Enhance students reading and writing skills
  • Equip students with skills to understand the questions and find the information quickly
  • Provide students will model answers in order to achieve high scores.

Class Content:

TOEFL stands for a test of English as a foreign language which is a 3 hours online test. It is standard test for every student who wants to go to U.S. to study as an international student but it is also accepted in 8,500 institutions across 130 countries, as well as all of the world’s top 100 universities. Our course will mainly focus on reading and writing. This is because at an international school most students use English when studying in class so they have very little difficulty with speaking and listening but they still struggle to read the academic texts which appear in the TOEFL test as they are often taken from university text books or articles which are a much higher level than what they study at school. Students also need help with writing to understand the format and how to give a model answer which will give them a high score. Students will learn speed reading skills, key vocabulary and reading comprehension skills to master the reading section. For the writing section students will be given many writing models and will also learn different grammatical structures and vocabulary so their wring can be both concise but still have a variety of sentence structures and literary techniques.

Two mock tests will be used to examine the effectiveness of their learning. Prior to the course, students’ original capacities will be measured through a placement test, and students will be required to take a final test at the end of their course. By comparison of two test results, the progression or the weakness can be clearly observed by parents, from which our teachers will be able to correspondingly propose some advice for further study.

Classes will be held twice a week for 2 hours each class.

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