Crooked ghoulish grins, mischievously squinted eyes, and mounds of pumpkin guts were all plentiful at the Canadian International School of Beijing’s cafeteria this past Monday morning. And while that might sound like a scene straight out of a horror film, it was instead a far more fun, light-hearted and creative happening that our community’s parents use to usher in autumn annually.

Yes, over a dozen parents gathered at CISB’s cafeteria earlier this week for our school’s sixth annual Parent Pumpkin Carving activity. Parent Association President Liao Kun Clara thoroughly enjoyed the activity and praised the other parents for being “so creative, making each pumpkin different. When we finished our work we felt so proud.” 

With a knife in one hand and pumpkin innards coating the other, the PA president went on to say that all the pumpkins are now displayed in the school lobby, for what she calls “a good example to show parents’ effort to be risk-takers. Some in the group felt that the three hours we spent carving wasn’t long enough, and continued working on their pumpkins at home.”

Of all the pumpkins carved during that fun morning activity, Clara says “I liked the one with the huge polished teeth best. Although it was too challenging for me to carve something like that this time, I think I will give it a try next year!”