Below Joey Creelman, PYP Coordinator for Grades 2-5, tells us about this year’s Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition.  

Preparations for the Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition are well underway. For those of you new to PYP, Exhibition is the culminating experience for students finishing the PYP program. The Exhibition is a requirement of the International Baccalaureate, the purpose being to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their agency and to celebrate their growth as learners.

Students have a role in choosing their issue to be explored, identifying the knowledge they will need to acquire and what skills they will need to develop. Students design their learning goals and establish the criteria of what success will look like for them. With support from their teachers and peers, students document and assess their learning, and evaluate the success of their independent inquiry.

While the exhibition is expected to culminate in a final product or experience, value is placed upon the learning process and journey. At the end of Exhibition, students will have an opportunity to share their learning, how they have grown or changed, and any action this inquiry has led them towards.

The learning community has a role to play in supporting Exhibition – parents can encourage their children and provide feedback along the way. Teachers and mentors act as guides through the process and provide resources to support students. Everyone in the learning community has a role to play in supporting Exhibition and celebrating our students as they complete their PYP journey and prepare for MYP.

As a result of our adverse circumstances with COVID-19 and the uncertainty of when we will return to school, the IBO has waived the requirement for schools to complete Exhibition. Regardless, we at CISB are committed to creating an Exhibition experience for our students that retains the spirit and overall goals of the Exhibition. 

I want to express my sincere gratitude to our grade 5 teaching team for their support of our students during Exhibition: Mike Frazer, Katrina Schmudlach, Richard Bartlett,Veronika Marenco, and our TAs Emma, Julie, and Lynn. Also thanks to our mentors and experts from our teaching community who volunteered their time throughout the Exhibition process!

We hope you will be able to join us for our Exhibition showcase in June – details will follow as we get closer. Until then we wish the CISB community a safe and healthy end to our school year!

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-Joey Creelman, PYP Coordinator for Grades 2-5