Please click the Wechat link below or tap on the image to view a fun and informative video via Seesaw by Grade 1 teacher Kaashiv Sampath about how to conduct interviews. His students will interview a member of their family for their next UOI and, as an example, Mr.Sampath interviewed his “grandfather,” who has a remarkable resemblance to his grandson.

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请点击文章最下方阅读原文来观看1年级班主任老师 Kaashiv Sampath制作的教学视频,该视频的主题是关于如何进行采访。他的学生需要对家庭成员进行采访来为下一期的UOI课程做准备。让我们来看看Kaashiv老师是如何对他的”爷爷”进行采访的。



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